Our Brand

Brow Suga was created to Empower Entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. We often struggle to build clientele in the beginning of careers. 2017 The Brow Suga was Launched to help Artist showcase their Artistry. Brow Suga allows you to Market your Artistry fashionably. Our customers feel confident wearing Brow Suga that it will help to build their business! Our custom pieces are a eye catcher and easy conversation starters. When wearing Brow Suga you will display your passion for beauty and fashion. So be prepared to be complimented, grow your business, and become a know Fashionista! Once you are complimented while wearing our products it will be the perfect time to close the deal! Pull out a business card or your social media to promote your business. Brow Suga shows your Love for The Beauty and Fashion industry.

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